Gleisbau in Venezuela

… so far realized by the SALTEC GROUP.

For a description of the projects please contact us. We will submit access to partner center providing the possibility of downloading the relevant documents. 

  • UPS systems in n+1 redundant configuration up to 960kVA
  • Modular AC:DC power supply systems
  • Chargers for Lead acid and NiCd batteries
  • Low voltage distributions
  • Medium voltage distributions
  • Transformer stations
  • Photovoltaic power supply systems
  • Remote control for unattended power stations
  • OPGW - Optical Ground wire
  • High voltage cable supply and installation up to 330kV incl. related accessories
  • High voltage cable Temperature Monitoring through Fiber Optics incl. Management System for Substations
  • Hot Box detector systems for railway installations
  • Automatic equipment identification system for railway applications
  • Signalling, communication and data processing systems for railway application
  • Radar crossing signals for trains
  • Wheel profile monitoring system for railway transport equipment